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Helping our students. Remembering we don’t control it all.

As a mother, there are times where empathy and being nurturing come naturally and can be applied in a useful manner to helping our students. However, as Claire Shaw in the Higher Education section of the Guardian points out in “How academics can help ensure students’ well-being“, being approachable can lead towards difficulties where we may be swayed by others’ emotions (such as tears).

This article seems useful in its ability to boil down some basic ways to support our students. However, a unspoken aspect is one that women get pulled into, the nurturing side of things, where we are expected (or take on the role) to solve and heal others’ problems. So as a reminder to us all, let us remember that although we can work towards creating an environment that is supportive and nurturing, it is ultimately up the individual whether they will choose to flourish or not.



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